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6 Tips for Staging Your Playa Vista Condo to Sell

Playa Vista condos are selling quickly, there is no doubt about that… So why work on prepping your home before putting it on the market? More offers, more qualified buyers and less negotiating during the inspection period will lead to you netting more on the sale.

Light Up the Room

  • If you have a lot of natural light then you are one of the lucky ones in Playa Vista. Show it off by opening your curtains and window coverings. Opening windows to let in the fresh air and a nice breeze is also a good touch.
  • A good number of Playa Vista condos don’t get a ton of natural light. If this is the case consider white lights to brighten up those rooms that need a little help. Replace your bulbs with higher light intensity bulbs such as compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) of a lower wattage but higher light output.

Flooring Matters

  • Some people like carpet in their bathrooms… but for many buyers this is a big turn off. Replacing carpeted bathrooms with tile can make a huge difference.
  • Clean up your hardwood floors. Over the years scuffs and scratches can build up. Have your floors polished/waxed and potentially fill in scratches.
  • Steam clean your carpets. It may make sense to replace carpet if there are a lot of tough stains or pet odors.


Three Bedrooms are Rare in Playa Vista Phase I

  • *This tip really depends on your layout. Many of the two bedroom condos in Playa Vista have a den/office space that can be easily converted into a third bedroom. This third bedroom can add value to your home and also separate you from the competition.
  • *For 1 bedroom condos, there are some that have the ability to turn an open office or den into a second bedroom. Closing off this space can open up the market to a bigger pool of buyers.
  • This can be a good strategy to show the flexibility of the layout for buyers that require a second or third bedroom.

*It’s important to note that cosmetically turning an office into a bedroom doesn’t change the number of bedrooms on public record. 

De Clutter, de clutter, de clutter

  • Consider this a head start on packing. Remove the clutter, both on the countertops and in the form of furniture. Countertop clutter detracts from a potential buyer imagining the condo as their own, while extra furniture can make the condo look smaller. Take down personal photos and knick-knacks.
  • Then add a few items to make the room pop. Bring in colors that accent the room. Fresh flowers, plants or strategically placed staging items will bring in some liveliness.

Repairs and Unfinished Projects

  • Half-finished home improvement projects and items that clearly need repair can be red-flags for potential buyers. These items should be completed and addressed before putting your home on the market.

Rooms that Need Paint

  • Painting isn’t always necessary, but it’s good to know where it can make a difference.  Neutral colors such as warm tans or off-whites are appealing, while bold colors like reds, oranges and purples are highly personal so they should be painted over.
  • Painting the molding near the floor (especially if it’s scuffed-up) is a good way to freshen-up an otherwise well painted room.
  • Rooms that flow into one another and are painted the same color will make the space look bigger.

As part of my services I help clients stage their homes in preparation for photos and open houses. Plus, I have a wonderful photographer that I have worked with for years and I cover this expense. If you have questions about staging your home I would be happy to provide direction.

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