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    Playa Vista Property Market Report: Sales Trends, Inventory Insights, and Projections for 2024

    By Tami Humphrey | February 7, 2024

    Delve into the specifics of Playa Vista’s real estate market, including sales trends, inventory levels, and the movement of home values in 2024. Introduction: A Changing Landscape in Playa Vista As 2024 unfolds, the real estate market in Playa Vista stands at a significant turning point. Following a year of notable shifts, homeowners and investors... Read More

    4 Playa Vista Fees – Do you have to pay them all?

    By Admin | October 11, 2023

    From the well-manicured landscaping to the summer concerts in the park and now with the amazing amenities of The Resort in Phase II, there is no question that Playa Vista delivers a great lifestyle.  All of these amenities and more are paid for by the home owners of Playa Vista through their HOA payments and... Read More

    Playa Vista Real Estate Trends

    By Tami Humphrey | October 7, 2023

    Delving Deep into Playa Vista Real Estate Trends: Navigating Market Dynamics & Interest Rates The Playa Vista real estate landscape is undeniably complex. With changing interest rates and shifting sales patterns, understanding this market’s intricacies is paramount for potential investors and current homeowners. In this article, we’ll break down key trends and data to present... Read More

    2018 Playa Vista Market Report

    By Tami Humphrey | February 6, 2019

    By Tami Humphrey and Chad Aronson After six straight years of a hot real estate market, increasing at 12.21% per year on average in Playa Vista, 2018 brought a little ice to the party.  Rising interest rates, political uncertainty, stock market uncertainty and an increased supply of homes for sale all contributed to a shift... Read More

    Playa Vista Real Estate Insights – 3rd Qtr 2017

    By Tami Humphrey | March 24, 2018

    by Tami Humphrey and Chad Aronson Hello Neighbors! With this article, we wanted to share how some Playa Vista homeowners are making their space more usable while increasing the value of their property.  We’ve also included market insights based upon the third quarter sales in Playa Vista along with our predictions for the rest of the... Read More

    Playa Vista Prices From the Bottom of the Market to Today

    By Tami Humphrey | March 24, 2018

    by Tami Humphrey and Chad Aronson 8/14/2017 Since the recession and the resulting bottom of the market in 2011, Playa Vista has seen growth in so many different ways.  Our neighborhood has defined itself as Southern California’s tech and media hub.  But, becoming the epicenter of Silicon Beach is not the only reason our community has... Read More

    Low Inventory, Interest Rates, and the Goldilocks Economy

    By Tami Humphrey | March 24, 2018

    by Tami Humphrey and Chad Aronson What are the local and national market conditions pushing prices higher in Playa Vista? The average sold price for Playa Vista Phase I Condos and Townhomes has broken the $1,000,000 mark and there are no signs of slowing down.  Low inventory, interest rates, and the local and national economy... Read More

    Playa Vista Two Bedroom Inventory Skyrockets

    By Tami Humphrey | March 24, 2018

    Q1 2016 – Playa Vista Real Estate Market Report During the first quarter of 2016 (January – March) two bedroom inventory skyrocketed, the first three Skylar resales closed averaging $1000 per square foot and the new Marlowe and Everly homes reduced pricing. With this Playa Vista Q1 2016 market report we’ll go into detail on each... Read More

    Playa Vista Market Report

    By Tami Humphrey | March 24, 2018

    2015 In Review – Playa Vista Real Estate The year 2015 will go down in Playa Vista history as the year the community and the Playa Vista Real Estate Market were officially put on the map.  Prior to this year we had to describe the location of our 1.3 square mile oasis as a place near... Read More

    Marlowe at Playa Vista New Homes Info

    By Tami Humphrey | March 24, 2018

    Marlowe at Playa Vista Priority Registration Brookfield Residential has announced the Priority List for Marlowe at Playa Vista will open up online October 20th at noon.   Getting on the priority list is the first step in the process of buying a new construction home. Even if you haven’t 100% made up your mind that... Read More