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More than 750 acres, or approximately 70 percent of the original Playa Vista Master Plan site, will be devoted to parks and open space. Twenty-one active community parks at Playa Vista will offer a broad range of recreational experiences, social interaction and cultural opportunities, not only for Playa Vista residents but for residents of all neighboring communities. Activities will range from children’s play, dog recreation, hiking, chess, picnics and barbecues to jogging, baseball, soccer, basketball and volleyball.

Concert Park
Concert Park was designed by Olin Partnership and Fong, Hart, Schneider & Partners for amphitheater-style music performances and special events like “Movies in the Park.” Playa Vista residents and neighbors are already enjoying the scenic outdoor venue, which features an open-air stage with walkways and benches surrounding the park. On concert evenings, residents bring their own beach chairs and picnics and enjoy the entertainment in the cool ocean breeze.

The facts:

    • Approximately 1.5 acres
    • Intimate corner “people-gathering” areas including benches, planters and a fountain
    • The centerpiece of the Concert Park District, which is laid out similar to a traditional town square
    • Surrounded by mixed-use buildings that will include stylish ground-floor retail shops with residential units above

Crescent Park
Designed by EDAW, Inc. and Fong, Hart, Schneider & Partners, Crescent Park is a central gathering place for home owners in the Crescent Park neighborhood. The center of the elliptical-shaped park consists of a lush, expansive lawn lined with trees where residents can play touch football, badminton and Frisbee - or simply enjoy a book and quiet space on the lawn. Formal courtyard gardens anchor each end of the park and include fountains and quiet seating areas.
The facts:

  • Half-mile-long walkway encircling the entire park
  • Playa Links, a series of putting greens made of synthetic turf, will be featured in the final piece of the park
  • Possible commercial food carts, a newsstand and juice carts

Chess Park
Designed by Fong, Hart, Schneider & Partners, Chess Park features oversized chess pieces on a giant board and an interactive water splash area for children. Competitive chess matches are planned to be held at the park.

Spyglass Park
The result of a design collaboration between EDAW, Inc. and local artist Beth Thielen, Spyglass Park features an overlook where visitors can use telescopes to observe the birds and wildlife of the Ballona Wetlands. Quiet seating areas with benches provide dramatic views of the mountains to the east and the Freshwater Marsh to the west. Visitors can also enjoy colorful glass and ceramic art embedded along the walkway that showcases the winding streams and diverse wildlife of the surrounding area.

Fountain Park
Designed by EDAW, Inc., Playa Vista’s first park is a wonderful sanctuary to refresh the spirit. Its dramatic, colorful fountain is decorated with glass tile mosaics depictingsome of the rich cultural and natural history of the land at Playa Vista.Surrounding the fountain is a decorative patio that accommodates carts and tables for special events.

Tapestry/Avalon Pedestrian Paseo
The meandering walkway between the multi-level town homes at Tapestry and the Neoclassical European architecture of Avalon provides a tranquil respite in the heart of urban living.

Pacific Promenade
This tree-lined drive leading to Crescent Park is lushly landscaped to promote pedestrian usage.

Ballona Promenade Park
Designed by Mia Lehrer Associates, Ballona Promenade Park provides the opportunity to stroll along Ballona Creek, adjacent to the Fountain Park Apartments.The park features game tables, picnic tables, barbeque grills and updated decorative fencing. Sculptured concrete benches are perfectly situated for viewing the renowned California sunsets. Ballona Promenade is also the first major component of a regional planning project that will further develop Ballona Creek as a recreational haven.